Can I Do a Second Session of Bodybuilding Coaching Utilizing Cardio Resistance Bands?

At present on my Physique Re-Engineering non-public boards I used to be requested the next pure bodybuilding query:

Pure Bodybuilding Query:

Pricey Hugo:

With out compromising resistance coaching, would it not do any hurt to seize a set of resistance bands and run via a collection of workouts say later within the day or within the night? I do my bodybuilding coaching within the morning with weight’s and cardio proper after. My cut up is: Day 1-Chest/Again, Day 2-Shoulders/Arms, Day Three-Legs

I am considering it is a great method to do an spherical physique routine with aerobics resistance bands. I’ve a really gentle set that I acquired a while in the past…I discovered them the opposite day and thought: “hell, why not use them zutesu workout resistance bands set B088CYGZB3?”

Pure Bodybuilding Reply:

So long as you’ve the time and the will, you possibly can really do one thing with the cardio train bands which is able to enable you to burn some further energy and trigger a little bit bit of additional muscle stimulation (thus serving to you along with your bodybuilding efforts).

My recommendation could be to limit the cardio within the morning to round 15-20 min and at evening, simply create a circuit of workouts that concentrate on the muscle groups skilled within the morning. This shall be a pleasant method of stunning the muscle with out overtraining it. As well as, you’re going to get a pleasant cardio session out of it.

Here’s what I suggest you do:

Day 1- Chest and Again day:

Big Set #1:

Carry out Three units to failure of this big set continuous

– Push-ups with legs on raised platform (akin to a chair or couch)
– Two Arm Rows with the Bands
– Common Push-Ups
– One Arm Rows with Bands

After you’ve accomplished the giant-set above Three occasions continuous, relaxation a few minutes and go to Big-Set #2

Big Set #2:

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