IPI Pilot Assembly 2090-012 (Natural Gas)

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IPI Pilot Assembly 2090-012 (Natural Gas) Description

Replacement natural gas (NG) pilot assembly for Hearth & Home gas stoves and fireplaces. This is an IPI pilot assembly, does not work with DSI, HSI or standing pilot units. Fits: QV36A-FB (Expression) Units made after Feb. 2006 Heatilator Gas Fireplaces: GBFL4136I GBST4336I GDCL4136I GDCR4136I GDFL4136I GDST3831I GDST4336I ADVR3428I & ADVR3428IL ADVT3428I & ADVT3428IL AZTEC – After serial # 002882484 BCBV36I – After serial # GA1551065 BRAVO – After serial # 002881385 DV3732SBi EDV3633I & EDV3633IL EHS3633I NBV3630I NBV3933I NBV4236I NBV4842I NDV3630I & NDV3630IL NDV3933I & NDV3933IL NDV4236I & NDV4236IL NDV4842I & NDV4842IL NEVO3630i NEVO4236i NNXT3933I & NNXT3933IL NNXT4236I & NNXT4236IL RAVE4013i RAVE4013i-C RBV4236IT & RBV4236IH RBV4842IT & RBV4842IH CFL-24NG-IPI GO33-IPI-NG GO35-IPI-NG GO40-IPI-NG TWILIGHT-II TWILIGHT-II-B TWILIGHT-II-MOD Heat N Glo Gas Fireplaces: BRAVO – After serial # 002881385 LCOR-36TRB-IPI PIER-36TR-IPI PIER-36TRB-IPI RCOR-36TRB-IPI RED40ST ST-36TR-IPI ST-36TRB-IPI ST-36TVB-IPI ST-550T-IPI ST-550TM-IPI 6000CF-OAK-IPI 6000CMOD-IPI 6000GBV-IPI 6000GCF-IPI 6000G-IPI 6000GL-IPI-R & 6000GL-IPI-S 6000GLX-IPI-R & 6000GLX-IPI-S 6000TRXI-IPI – After serial # 002952047 8000CF-OAK-IPI – After serial # 002927628 8000CMOD-IPI 8000TR-OAK-IPI – After serial # 002927628 8000TV-OAK-IPI – After serial # 002927628 BCBV36I – After serial # GA1551065 BE-41IPIC CRESCENTII RBV4236IT & RBV4236IH RBV4842IT & RBV4842IH RED40 RED60 SLR (COSMO) SLR-B (COSMO) SLR-C (COSMO) COSMO-GXT-IPI – Convert NG pilot assembly to LP pilot assembly using 2098-512 LP pilot orifice COSMO-I30-C COSMO-I35-C COSMO-SXT-IPI – Convert NG pilot assembly to LP pilot assembly using 2098-512 LP pilot orifice ESCAPE-36DV – After serial # 002868727 ESCAPE-42DV LUX60 MEZZO36 MEZZO36ST MEZZO48 MEZZO48ST MEZZO60 MEZZO60ST MEZZO72 MEZZO72ST PALOMA PALOMA-MOD PRIMO48 PRIMO48ST

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