12 Aero-Flo Model Inline Duct Fan 975 CFM

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12 Aero-Flo Model Inline Duct Fan 975 CFM Description

What is an In Line Duct Fan? You may hear it referred to in the following terms: Duct Fan, In Line Duct Fan, Air Booster Fan, Duct Booster Fan Etc…. It is used primarily to help move air to your problem rooms using your existing or planned ductwork. You can also use the Duct Fan to exhaust your work areas, increase air flow to gravity flow furnace and these High Temp rated fans are great for moving that hot air from your corn or wood burning stove! Why use an Aero-Flo In Line Duct Fan? * Boost and maximize airflow to hard to HEAT or COOL rooms! * High Temperature Rated Motors allow you to circulate warm air from a wood,coal or corn burning stove! (We recommend installing the duct fan at least 10′ down the line from the stove) * Very easy to install! * Installs into any shape Duct! Square, Round, Rectangle or Larger round! * Exhaust air from your Bathroom, Kitchen or Garage! * Great for Greenhouses and Hydroponic gardens! * Boost your return air to gravity flow furnace! * Save energy costs by maximizing your heating and cooling system! * Technical assistance available anytime 219-363-2553 * Dedicated customer service and sales team on hand to help you with any question or concern just email or Call!

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